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Thursday's Tip of the Week - June 28, 2018
Beat the Heat at Billy Casper Golf

In the scorching heat of the North Carolina summer, it is important to remain hydrated throughout the day. Dehydration occurs when your body doesn’t have enough water to keep your body functioning properly. Signs of dehydration can come in many forms. Some of the severe signs of dehydration are: feeling dizzy or lightheaded, lack of energy, confusion or irritability or faintness.

Here are some tips to remaining hydrated during the heat:

- Start off each day by drinking a glass of water, adding fruits that are high in water concentration like watermelon and strawberries can help keep you hydrated.

- While participating in physical activity make sure that you are drinking fluids such as water or Gatorade. Many golf courses provide water coolers, we have them on holes #3, #7, #12, and #16, on the course. And sometimes have a beverage cart driving around, Friday - Sunday at Bradford Creek.

- Invest in a "cool towel". These products are very affordable at $5 a piece and are being used by many folks trying to beat the heat and still enjoy their favorite sports.

Golf is a mental game and dehydration can really take a toll on your mental state. Staying hydrated can help keep you in a good mental state during your round.