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Thursday's Tip of the Week - July 19, 2018

Golf is a game of ups and downs. Frequently you’ll find yourself on an uphill or downhill lie and will have to adjust your stance and swing to get the results you’re looking for.

Uphill and downhill lies can affect how the ball will react off the club in a couple of ways.

The first factor is the distance of the shot. The main contributor of this factor is the loft that is added or taken away from the club depending on the lie. Having an uphill lie will add loft to the club, meaning that you will need to take an extra club before hitting the shot. However, having a downhill lie will deloft the club thus causing the shot to go farther than it normally would, so you’ll want to hit a club less than normal.

The second factor with uphill and downhill lies is your stance, so you’ll need to correct that as well.  For uphill lies, you’ll need to set more up right than you normally would. The opposite is the case for downhill lies, you’ll need to place the ball more back in your stance so that you do not hit behind the ball.

Remember these two adjustments the next time you’re out on the course and you should improve your score when encountering an uphill or downhill lie.