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Let's Talk About Aces

The hole in one.

Perhaps considered the most sought-after achievement for amateur golfers, the odds of making an ace are about 12,500 to one… Not bad when you think about the Powerball odds we're constantly being reminded of when the jackpot begins to reach record numbers.

A typical regulation golf course features four par-3 holes. Giving you just four opportunities each round to write a 1 in the box.

Even professional athletes of other sports proudly share their hole-in-one stories.

Some readers might remember back to 2006 when Washington Capitals forward, Alex Ovechkin, who was in the early stages of his NHL hockey career, managed to hit a hole in one on the first day he EVER swung a golf club.

A while back I read about Baltimore Orioles pitcher, Brian Matusz, who began his golfing as a right-handed player because he shared clubs with his brother (Matusz is a left-handed pitcher). Incredibly now Matusz is capable of switch-golfing which has to be pretty rare. And even rarer than that, he’s managed to hit a hole-in-one as a lefty AND a righty.

Yesterday, was the annual par-3 contest to kick off Masters Week at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia. If you didn't see any of it, there was plenty of fun and memorable moments. 68-year old, Tom Watson won his second par-3 contest, his first in 36 years and becoming the oldest player to ever win the event.

Perhaps the best moment of the day came when Jack Nickalus' 15-year-old grandson, Gary or GT, stepped up and hit his first ever hole-in-one. Check out all the highlights below.

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